Believe or Obey – One Mistranslated Word Can Change History – and Did!

A Couple Root Causes at the Foundation of What Corrupted the Churches and Led to Christians and the World Turning into a Sinning Mess…

They Removed Jesus As Lord and Replaced Him with Themselves (Just Like the Pharisees Did).

They Mistranslated the Word Below Hiding the Concept of Obeying Jesus and that You Are Required to Obey All of Jesus’ Sayings, All of His Commands

They Pushed a Vauge Mysterious Concept of the Word “Believe” Causing Confusion and Lack of Clarity Out of Which Stems Error.

By switching out one word from obey to believe, yeast infected denominations and their pastors twisted the meaning of salvation so a. they could keep you out b. so they could replace Jesus as Lord.   “What?? Impossible!” (a likely reaction to that statement).

The human will can be awfully crafty, sneaky too…

You may think that sounds outlandish and impossible but… as you to learn the commands of Jesus you’ll see that God doesn’t want any of your flesh, your soul or your will directing your life but only the new God born new man, spirit man,  the version that you do does not sin, that can be directly directed by God the Father through Jesus the Son through Holy Spirit. 

And until one starts to really understand what it means to walk in the Spirit, which is admittedly hard to do for arguably most people (it seems), at least I can say it was for me and I can say that I am still learning although I’ve made a lot of improvement with God’s help, thanks be to God, it will be difficult to see the sneakiness of the soul and the will of man in combination with the flesh in those three’s desire to be preeminent in you.  And if those three, your soul, your will and your flesh is in charge of you, you’ll be sinning all over the place and not bearing fruit that counts.

This is why it Jesus has told us also to take up our cross daily and follow Him which means to be the new man which means to walk in the Spirit. Yet that concept is also tricky you do because if we try to do so in our flesh and or will.  That’s not to work out very well doing that.  So we need to learn how to release our flesh, our will, our soul and just accept Jesus’ Lordship.  And arguably it’s so simple and easy that most people have a hard time trusting doing so.  And so what we need to do is to accept the EASY Way and the LIGHT Way, since Jesus says His yoke is easy and light, and that in Him you will find rest for your soul!  (A very good deal!)

Matthew 11:

28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

You can also argue that people struggle with giving up control of themselves because of the heavy bombardment of erroneous ideas through the world in combination to all the years of erroneous training through our educational systems for most of us. We have bought into an assortment of beliefs that we have learned to value strongly since so many people, if not, seeming like the entire world, thinks in those ways which are the ways of the world which are the ways of sin which are the ways of the kingdom of darkness which are the ways of Satan. And these are the beliefs which had been programmed into the soul that need to be uprooted and uninstalled while being replaced with Jesus commands of the New Testament.

You’re going to have a very difficult time walking in the Spirit if your soul is loaded with a bunch of false beliefs.  If it was really easy to do everything right, right away as a Christian then we wouldn’t have such a large New Testament. It would just have the story of Jesus dying on the cross and then a few statements about walking in the spirit if that.

You see, a lot of denominations teach or imply that as soon as you say the sinner’s prayer that you are perfected right then and there. That is very not correct although that would sound or seem wonderful to get rid of this nasty sin stuff. The whole world indeed looks for an instant pushbutton solution to be made perfect in one big zap.  They went to see sparks and sparkles and some sort of light show along with some amazing transformation that transforms a person completely into a completely different being maybe preferably with some superpowers to boot like flying… But the Bible doesn’t say that. The Bible says many things in the New Testament telling us that we need to actually do things to change, to do repentance, to change our minds, to change the way we are thinking. So when we consider the definition of repentance, metanoia, to change our minds Jesus commands are stated in the New Testament so we have a more absolute comprehensive changing of our minds, as opposed to just saying sorry and changing your mind about one thing bad that you just did. What’s are our minds?

The minds were talking about are the cerebral mind and the heart’s mind of your soul. Oh yes your heart has a mind and it is measured at 8000 times more powerful than your cerebral conscious mind.

And in regards to the concept of comprehensive repentance were talking about the complete reprogramming of your soul in terms of what you believe is good or bad, what you believe that is okay to do or what you believe you can get away with doing.

Your soul was not regenerated your spirit was when you said the sinners prayer and where born again.  Your soul wasn’t automatically reprogrammed. And if that were the case then you would not have free will anymore. You would just become an organic holy robot. So therefore your soul was left as is.

Now it’s your job to choose to reprogram your soul into believing in everything Jesus.  by believing in what Jesus says that can also be equated to you believing in Jesus because if you believe that Jesus is God the Son and your Lord then you believe that you have to do what He says.  It’s pretty common sense logic when you think about it. So by fully believing in Jesus you will fully believe in everything Jesus says that what He says are the things you must do, the ways to act only, the ways that are good, acceptable, and only the ways that are okay to do.

but the way the human mind and heart works is that you are not going to fully believe in a thing Jesus says until you experience it and through your experience you realize that what Jesus says is indeed good and the thing to do. When you experience that what Jesus says is good and receive a reward of let’s say joy a confirmation, or peace confirmation, for example, then you will accept Jesus is command into yourself. You will accept his words. You will assimilate his words. You will eat his words. and when you assimilate Jesus commands then that means you will have fully believe that command. And once you fully believe that Jesus commands as the good thing to do and the only thing to do that you will make Jesus commands your habits even when the emotional pressure is high.


Here is King James

John 3:36

36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

Here is the original Greek

Discover how the switching out of one little word can make centuries worth of a difference.

 Notice the actual word used here is “obey” here in John 3:36.

 In most translations the word believe is used there. The problem is in these days most people don’t know exactly what believe the word believe actually means. It’s just some mysterious concept which is very vague.   Also the word believe can have a very broad connotation as well whereas most people may think of believing in something as a one-time one moment event versus continually being in a state of believing in someone. For example most people who say the sinner’s prayer can have a moment in time where they believe in Jesus but then go on with the rest of their lives doing all sorts of things not in accordance to the New Testament yet they still claim belief.

As we see in Hebrews 11 and in the Book of James, belief and faith is directly correlated with obedience of actions.   The perspective of God as our Real Father somehow has not sunk in for a lot of people.   What happens if you disobey your parents traditionally as a child? You get in trouble! Why do most parents set rules for their kids and instruct them along the way day by day? Because most parents want their kids to do well and most parents also want to do good job being a parent.  Well if you’re born again then God is your Father and He’s going to get after you like a great father would plus more.

 Here in terms of Biblical things we are dealing with God Almighty. We have mind-blowing opportunity of being able to know God and do all sorts of awesome things with Him, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.   We are very fortunate that He made us in His image and His likeness.   We are very fortunate that he wants to dwell with us and even be our friend,  family, Brother, Father.

Additionally God is teaching us all sorts of things for the future afterlife in this realm, this testing and training zone.   He’s training you to become a ruler, a lord and a king under the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Think about that for a while! It’s absolutely mind blowing incredible!  So we better get to it, learning the the commands of the King that we have already been given then we better than look to master these commands.

Without the bigger picture perspective it’s easy to get caught up in things. But unfortunately as mentioned in the Old Testament –  my people perish without a prophetic vision.

English Standard Version
Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.

That means one can perish and wreck their lives without having the perspective of life after this death and beyond. If one does it seek into what happens after this life they’re not going to prepare for it. And right now many people are wasting tons of opportunity to have awesome positions with God into the future in addition to wasting the opportunity to build massive eternal wealth –  all because they lack prophetic vision.

Speaking of vision let’s get some perspective here.   As I just mentioned Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   He is the Ruler of the universe, ruler of all things under God the Father.   God makes the rules.  God has designed things based on rules. This realm has many rules many call natural law or universal law or even mathematical law,  laws of physics and so on.   In many ways God is trying to teach you through his Word the way things are, the way things are designed so that you learn them so you can prosper and He can be proud of you as His son granted you have been born into the family of God by Believing on Jesus with your heart actually truly and fully, by confessing Jesus as Lord and by receiving Jesus into your heart.   Then you become Born Again born of God, born into the family of God with the new spirit man which is an absolute amazing and Powerful process without which no one can have eternal life and live in Heaven.

So we have to obey the King do we not? What happens if you disobey a king in this  physical realm?   Usually it was jail or off with your head or something like that…and directly disobeying a king’s orders usually ended up in death. So it’s a very serious matter. So then also Jesus says He is Lord and if you confess Jesus is Lord you are agreeing with that which is what you need to do in order to be saved.

Jesus commands of the New Testament teach you the ways of goodness and righteousness so you do good things and not do bad things. Bad things decay and destroy bringing about destruction. God is about life and construction.  He is a Creator.  He is a Provider. 

Jesus says why do you call me Lord Lord and not do what I say.   

King James Bible
“And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”  Luke 6:46

Most churches in the past have glossed over this verse as if it was nothing. Maybe they didn’t understand because of their yeast infected doctrines.   Maybe it was hidden from us all due to the time of the ages?  The concept of actually obeying Jesus, instead of treating all his sayings as nice things to do that are optional certainly will likely seem like a shocker to most people who go to Christian churches.

And therein lies a core problem which is not knowing the word of God. Yes it’s a big book but so what.  Learning and knowing the Bible not just knowing about the Bible is one of the most important things we can do in this life. It has to be a top priority.   Yes it will take effort and we need to take the pains in order to get in the groove in reading the Bible and actually volume reading the Bible as well.

You can do different Bible reading plans at the same time.  Let’s say for a half an hour to an hour a day you do volume Bible reading and then at night you can meditate on certain versus or review what you read. See our Bible reading systems and plans on the menu.

And getting back to the verse above…  This one little word “obey”  makes a world of difference and the difference is:

  1. Actual eternal life (so Jesus won’t tell you He never knew you you worker lawlessness because you weren’t obeying the laws and the King gives the laws, which is the New Testament the whole New Testament.   Since the New Testament was written by the apostles and the apostles were commissioned in Matthew 28 19-20 to yes baptize, but also teach all Jesus’ commandments  whatsoever to all the nations, then therefore, the New Testaments are all of Jesus’ commandments whatsoever.
  2. It’s obedience to Jesus commands that makes you that Christian that you know you should be and that the world is depending on you to be.  How many times have we heard over and over over the years how non-believers call Christians hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites…  Well so many Christians have no clue  that they are hypocrites yet the world seems to know more than Christians on what Christians are supposed to be doing. How did that happen?!   Was it snake-infested yeast infected doctrines and preachers? Those doctrines are powerfully blinding when reading the word as I’ve experienced because we feel that we’re doing a bad thing if we  even read the Bible on our own in the first place or if we have a question about a Bible verse that doesn’t fit into some various convenient yeast infected doctrine.
  3.  It’s obedience which brings fruit  some 30 some 60 some 100-fold.
  4.  It’s obedience that enables the abiding.   Jesus says “if you love me obey my commands” . Well that’s an interesting statement.  Why didn’t He say ‘obey my commands or you’ll be zapped into hell’  or something like that?   Logically one must conclude that there is more to Jesus’ commands than just authoritarian rule.   After all Jesus says that He set you free from bondage for freedom.   So as we look more and more into Jesus commands we actually find out that Jesus’ commands are God’s (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) “rules for relationship” –  of which we all have tons of our own,  what we like and what we dislike in a relationship.
  5.  It’s obedience that teaches you the difference between right and wrong matters and principles of life and death.
  6.  It’s obedience  that gets us to reprogram our soul by the act of our will to choose Jesus as Lord vs. obeying Satan, the ways of the world, the ways of sin, evil, darkness, decay and death.   We have these souls which are essentially  similar to computers  that can be programmed either way.   We must reprogram our soul by installing Jesus’ commands while uninstalling Satan’s commands (viruses, software (beliefs) to do bad.)

Now this topic of Jesus commands and obedience to our Lord, Master and King Jesus is a big topic which this whole website is about and this is just one blog post. But I want to introduce you to the concept of starting to look into the New Testament in light of  Matthew 28:19-20  and also the Books of John where the word “command” and “commandments”  are used repeatedly over and over and over.   

You also should use an Interlinear Bible so you can look up the actual original words in Greek – see or others online. And you can use a nice Bible site like  to compare different translations which can be helpful as well but nothing beats looking up the actual word,  the original word in Strong’s Concordance in combination with reading the original Greek including with it’s phrasing because I found that doing these two things bring a lot of clarity helping make the Bible make a lot more sense.